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Our Vision

To become one of the three most value added companies in the world composite pipe systems market, renowned for its quality, cost, novelty and environmentally focused approach, with its technology and solutions prioritized in international infrastructure projects.

Our Mission

To provide the world’s scarce water resources with minimum loss for the benefit of mankind by contributing to nature’s ecological balance. While carrying out this mission, we strive to satisfy our shareholders, customers and employees to create resources for growth.


The 20th century saw the evolution of plastics from early synthetics derived from milk through to the application of nano-technology to polymers. GRP (glass reinforced plastic), also referred to as GFK (Glasfaserverstärkter Kunstoff), was first developed and commercialised between the First and Second World Wars. It is believed that the first GRP pipes were manufactured in the United States shortly after the end of the Second World War. In the following decades, GRP pipes have established a strong presence in water markets across the world, being used in applications such as sewer pipes, pressure irrigation pipelines, energy projects and potable water systems.

SUPERLIT was established in Turkey in 1961 and is part of the multinational, Karamanci Holdings. For more than five decades. SUPERLIT has manufactured pipes and associated products. GRP pipe manufacture was added to SUPERLIT’s portfolio in 2000.

The GRP pipe production facility in Buzau, Romania was established in 2008 and is SUPERLIT’s first manufacturing investment outside Turkey. SUPERLIT has been involved in GRP pipeline projects in over 25 countries on four continents. SUPERLIT is now recognized as a world renowed brand in the global GRP market. SUPERLIT’s key driver is, and always has been, manufacturing excellence. Investment in technologies such as filament winding and centrifugal casting and in process automation make SUPERLIT’s production facilities exceptionally versatile. Today, SUPERLIT manufactures pipes from 250 to 4000 mm in diameter.


From the beginning of 1961, SUPERLIT is proud of having supplied pipes to the international market. From France to Australia, we succeed to cover with success four continents: Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Literally circling the globe with pipes since 1961, we invite you to join our journey to complete the second round in our 50th year!

With fully equipped factories counting down more then 15 different departments as research, quality, technical…, conclude that SUPERLIT is making all what is necessary to fulfill the highest requirements. Fully automated processes and cumulated technologies as Filament Winding Technology (FW), and Centrifugal Casting Technology (CC), it’s making from our production capacity one of the most versatile.With a wide diameter range, from 250 till 4000 mm, and with tailor-made fitting and special pieces SUPERLIT grows to be during the years a key player in the GRP market.